The Eptanisa islands are situated along the west coast of Greece in the Ionian sea. The complex is comprised of the following islands Corfu, Paxoi, Lefkada, Ithaka, Cephalonia, Zakynthos, and Kythira. Although the complex includes many smaller islands such as Othoni, Sporades, Antikythira, Kalamos, Meganisi, Kastos, Elafonossos and Erikoussa with countless coves for swimming, diving and exploring, it is the afore mentioned seven big islands that give the complex its name Eftanisa (seven islands).
These islands are famous for their excellent climate and renowned for their exquisite landscapes, their deep blue waters and the “kantades”, folklore songs with a distinctive melody, which the locals have always sung.

One week charter
Distance 130 Nautical Miles

Gouvia Marina (Corfu) – Syvota (Mourtos) 24 n.m.
Syvota (Mourtos) – Ag. Ioannis (Parga) 20 n.m.
Ag. Ioannis (Parga) – Preveza 28n.m.
Preveza – Gaios (Paxoi) 25n.m.
Gaios (Paxoi) – Gaios (Paxoi) 19 n.m.
Gaios (Paxoi) – Marina Corfu 14 n.m.

One week charter
Distance 80 Nautical Miles

Lefkas Marina – Vathi (Meganisi) 11 n.m.
Vathi (Meganisi) – Vathi (Ithaki) 22 n.m.
Vathi (Ithaki) – Fiscardo (Kefalonia) 14 n.m.
Fiscardo (Kefalonia) – Vassiliki (Lefkas) 10 n.m.
Vassiliki (Lefkas) – Nidri (Lefkas) 14 n.m.
Nidri (Lefkas) – Lefkas Marina 9 n.m.

Two weeks charter
Distance 255 Nautical Miles

Lefkas Marina – Meganisi (Port Spilia) 8 n.m.
Meganisi (Port Spilia) – Syvota 16 n.m.
Syvota – Fiscardo 12 n.m.
Fiscardo – Kioni (Ithaki) 12 n.m.
Kioni (Ithaki) Atokos – Kalamos 22 n.m.
Kalamos – Syvota 17 n.m.
Syvota – Ag. Efthimia (Kefalonia) 23 n.m.
Ag. Efthimia (Kefalonia) – Shinari (Zakynthos) 32 n.m.
Shinari (Zakynthos) – Zakynthos main harbor 14 n.m.
Zakynthos main harbor – Poros (Zakynthos) 26 n.m.
Poros (Zakynthos) – Vathi (Ithaki) 20 n.m.
Vathi (Ithaki) – Atherinos (Meganisi) 12 n.m.
Atherinos (Meganisi) – Lefkas Marina 11 n.m